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She is wearing me out!

Doesn’t she know she’s messing with my head?

I look in the mirror and I’m getting leaner, but she refuses to let go of 130. Really? Come on cut me a pound! I only want to see 120 something. I NEED to be in the twenties.

Let me say I’m smart enough to know that getting leaner without the scale moving is a good thing. In fact it’s an awesome thing it means I’m gaining lean muscle while losing body fat. I should be jumping for joy but my brain needs to see 129 on that scale! I can’t remember the last time I was 129. Can a sister see a 129!

I don’t even know why I torture myself anymore. My pants are falling off of me…. I guess I figure if I still only weight myself once per week surly I’ll see 129. But no! At this rate I’m going to have to check myself into scale rehab. Not because I’m obsessed with weighing myself because I’m obsessed with that darn number 129.

Oh well maybe next week. Damn scale. I hate her!


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Okay people, this is your TMI (too much information) warning. Read at your own risk (heheh) you’ve been warned.

So, I was walking around the drug store today waiting for a prescription. I was beyond starving! I hadn’t had a single morsel of food ALL day (I know.. I know… I’m a hypocrite). I was famished! I needed something!

I went on a search for something, anything that would keep me from nibbling my arm off. Like most people who are on a diet and who are starving; I found myself walking down the candy isle. Okay, don’t balk at me… my story isn’t over yet.

As I was walking down the candy isle, I thought to myself, “Hey, I can have sugar free candy!” I stopped dead in my tracks and saw my favorite hard candy in a sugar free package!

OMG…. it’s my lucky day! I didn’t know if I wanted to scream or pee in my pants.

Right there staring at me was a package or Werther’s Originals! SUGAR FREE!

Without a single other thought I grabbed that candy! OH… Yeah! Amy was a happy camper. I walked back to the seating area to wait for my meds and so I could read the package.

Sugar Free — Check

Low calories — Check

Life is good…..

To my surprise the candies were tinny! I thought, “wait a tick, 40 calories for that?!” Then I noticed the serving size was for 5 pieces. “Okay, that’s not bad” I thought. Five pieces would be about three regular size candies. I ripped the bag open.

OMG… They were everything I had wished them to be. They were so creamy, carmel delicious. They weren’t as good as the original but damn close! I had 40 calories to burn… So I ate five then I ate three more! For the non-mathematicians I had 8 pieces of candy.

Eight, no big deal right?


As I was leaving the store I thought to myself, “I shouldn’t eat too much of this. What if it gives me a tummy ache?” Naa… “That’s Alestra (the fake fat known to clean out your pipes) this isn’t a fat substitute, it’s only sugar free candy.” So, I scarfed down number eight.

About 20-30 minutes later my tummy started rumbling. “Hum…?” My tummy sounded like some sort of drum.  Another couple of minutes went by. The natives in my tummy really turned up the heat. There was a loud echoing liquid sound… “Oh, boy this can’t be good!”

Do you remember that scene from American Pie where Finch went running into the girls bathroom.. He blew the roof off of that place. Yep!

Holy Crap! That’s all I’m saying….

15 minutes and 1 pound (not even joking on the weight) later I came out of the bathroom.

Thank the dear Lord I was at home…

Enter Google search: I looked to see if anyone else had tummy trouble after eating sugar free candy Werther’s in particular.

This is what I found: Some sugar free candies contain a sugar like product called Isomalt. And yes, this product has been known to cause terrible gas and or diarrhea.

Studies on people taking isomalt have linked the substance to a high rate of stomach upset, gas and diarrhea. Even in relatively low doses, isomalt can cause diarrhea in about 10% of women who take it and about 4% of men. Just as with sugar, it’s a good idea to keep consumption of isomalt to a minimal amount, more so for the stomach upset it may cause than because of any long-term negative effects. Read More

What the hell? Right?

It’s sugar free candy!

I only had 8 pieces of tinny, tiny candy. I shouldn’t have lost a pound of my innards from that…. Right? Wrong.

Well, people let me tell you (sighing) DON’T. I repeat, DON’T eat too much sugar free candy without testing out a single bite on your tummy first.

Learn from my mistake! Know your candy…. Know what’s in it!

If it sounds too good and taste too good to be true, it probably is.

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