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She is wearing me out!

Doesn’t she know she’s messing with my head?

I look in the mirror and I’m getting leaner, but she refuses to let go of 130. Really? Come on cut me a pound! I only want to see 120 something. I NEED to be in the twenties.

Let me say I’m smart enough to know that getting leaner without the scale moving is a good thing. In fact it’s an awesome thing it means I’m gaining lean muscle while losing body fat. I should be jumping for joy but my brain needs to see 129 on that scale! I can’t remember the last time I was 129. Can a sister see a 129!

I don’t even know why I torture myself anymore. My pants are falling off of me…. I guess I figure if I still only weight myself once per week surly I’ll see 129. But no! At this rate I’m going to have to check myself into scale rehab. Not because I’m obsessed with weighing myself because I’m obsessed with that darn number 129.

Oh well maybe next week. Damn scale. I hate her!


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You read it right. I’m not going to sugar coat it.

The scale is like a hormonal &#$% who’s constantly ragging at you. Telling you, “you’ll never be good enough. You’ll never be skinny enough.”

Then there are times when the scale is like a conniving friend. You know the one… she will tell you how great you are and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside by giving you a complement (like a low weight). Then when you least expect it (like the very next day). WHAM!! The B stabs you in the back with a number that shows weight gain.

Look… The scale is a lier and like any lier she’s not your friend. You can’t trust her. She’s not on your side. She wants to mess with your head. She wants you to give up. She wants you to fail. You can’t let her sabotage you! You have to arm yourself against her!

How do you do that you ask?

Don’t give her the power.

How do you do that?

You stay away from her. Simple! She can’t get to you, if you don’t get on her. Period! I could end my post right here. 😉

So why does she mess with your mind?

Because she can!

Your weight will be more in the evening than in the morning because in the morning your tummy is empty of food. As the day goes on you will weigh more depending on how much food and liquids you have in your tummy. You will weigh more or less depending on how much rubbish you have in your intestines. And of course when the curse comes a calling… you’re gonna blow up like the Good Year blimp and.. yep, you guessed it. You’re gonna weigh more. See how she messes with your head?

FYI — the best time of day to weigh (if you must) is first thing in the morning, before eating and after using the rest room.  Don’t weigh more than once per week. Any more than that and she’ll suck your happy dry!

Look we are women our weight is going to fluctuate, it’s just a fact of life. I’ve gone up and down as much as five pounds in a single day. Weight is irrelevant! So don’t slave to the scale. It’s not how much you weigh that matters, it’s how well your clothes fit.

Just the other day I got on the scale 130 pounds. Yeah… Me!!!

The very next day and every day since I have weighed from 131 to 133 depending on when I got on. (I’m weighing myself continuously on purpose… it’s called content).  Here’s the kicker, I’m getting smaller! Yep, smaller!

How can I be getting smaller if my weight isn’t dropping? Glad you asked.

Because my body composition is changing. I’m losing body fat (which is fluffy) and I’m replacing it with muscle (which is dense). Muscle has weight, but it takes up less room, so you can be in a smaller size while weighing the same. I know I over simplified that… but it’s because I’m running out of time here.

Here is a simple example: I’ve weighed 128 pounds and have been in a size 3 and I’ve been 128 pounds and been in a size 5.

Right now as I type this. I’m 130 ish pounds. The scale refuses to show me a 120 something… But I don’t really care. Why? Because I just lost another 1/2 inch off my waist and 1/2 off my back side.. and the scale hasn’t moved.

See? I’m getting thiner which is my goal. I can see my ABs (amen), I don’t care what that scale says about me, cause she’s no friend of mine.

So… treat the scale like a conniving, back stabbing, hormonal *&@#$. Say hi when you have to and then steer clear. Trust me.. you’ll be much happier without her. Let your jeans be your guide.

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$500.00 Reward for lost Vanity.

Have you seen my lost vanity? She ran away from home about 5 years ago.This is what she looked like before she left home.

Vanity REALLY cares about her health and her body. She wouldn’t dare let herself go a day without working out. The thought of putting bad food into her body… No way!

Vanity really cares what her body looks like. Muffin top, road bump bootie? No way! Vanity will do anything to keep her body in top shape.

I really miss my old friend. Please, if you see her…. tell her I love and miss her. I am desperate, I would do anything if she would just come home.

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Have you ever had one of those days when you think to yourself, “I picked a really bad day to stop sniffing glue.” ? (nodding my head knowingly)

Yep, I’m having that day!

I won’t drink a beer… I won’t drink a beer… I won’t drink a beer…

I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful….  I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful… Baby step away from the refrigerator. (What About Bob)

You’re most likely thinking, “What in the hell is she talking about? She’s finally lost her nut.” Maybe I have. Maybe I’m just fed up.

Life is  ruthless, unrelenting. Yep, that’s right and she just kicked me in the teeth and in the butt all at the same time. Yes, this is my soap box deal with it. 🙂

Am I a cynic? Today… You’re darn right I am!

Am I ranting just because I’m on a diet? Nope, but it sure doesn’t make it any easier.

Maybe… just maybe if I could medicate myself with chocolate and a cold beer I might not be blogging a soapbox right now. But I’ve dedicated my life to changing my life and my body and chocolate and beer just isn’t part of the plan. Coating my raw nerves with these things won’t get me anywhere except back into my FAT jeans.

Could I ever go for a bag of Dove’s chocolates and a beer…!

I would love to be a cheater today… No one would ever know… with the exception of my horrific guilt and excessive need  to be “true” to this journey. How can I lead others down a path if I’m walking off the cliff myself? Darn it, why do I have to be so ethical?

Wonder how many Diet Dr. Peppers it takes to wipe away dreams of a beer? As of right now the count is three.

Since I can’t have a beer… I’m going to just come out and say it… Bank of America are crooks. Okay, now I feel better! 😉

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I’m the proud new mommy to a full set of measuring cups and spoons!

Yes, people the world has come to an end! I, Amy Cotta have a set of measuring cups and spoons! Okay, pick yourself up off the floor and dust yourself off. These aren’t no William Sonoma cups and spoons they are Wal-mart Baby! I’m talking cheep-os! But hey, their mine. And, I’m just so damn excited I decided to put my big girl panties on and got a set.

Aren’t they pretty?

Until yesterday I had (count them), (1) 1/2 cup, (1) 1/3 cup, (1) 1/2 tsp, (1) large 2 cup, and… that’s it! It’s damn near impossible to follow a recipe without these items! Let me tell you, not only does my grammar suck but so does my math! At this point in the Skinny Jeans Diet game proper measuring tools is a must!

Now that I’m the owner of  measuring cups and spoons I’ll be like Emeril Lagasse! Not..! But at least I’ll be less likely to over or under season my skinny food. The other night I got a little carried away with the salt. Yuck! Enter: the shopping trip to purchase proper measuring tools.

I guess my next purchase should be a proper non-stick cooking pan. That’s a big leap! I don’t know if I’m ready for that type of commitment yet. But what’s a girl to do? The one I have now is so warped you could use it as a balance board. When cooking I have to keep moving my food around so it will cook evenly.

Do I do it? Do I pull the trigger and buy a cooking pan?


You know… my husband now comes home from work EVERY night asking what I’m cooking for dinner. He never asked that before! This damn diet…! Now my family wants and expects me to cook every night!


Well, guess there is another shopping trip in my near future. A frying pan I go…

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Day 6

When you can’t have fruit, bread, pasta, cakes, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, pretty crinkly covered snacks. What’s a girl to do when she’s PMSing and stressed? When she’s strung out from chocolate and beer rehab? When she’s about to start popping people off from the roof tops because she needs a chocolate fix?

Well, I’m PMSing (365 days a year) and I’ve had one of the most stressful months of my life! My heads been spinning and pea soup has been flying out of my mouth like Regan from the Exorcist. In short, I haven’t been pretty to be around! Okay, I haven’t been THAT  bad… I might have exaggerated slightly. But, in times of high stress I’ve felt like Regan (I just hid it).

What’s a girl to do?

Well, in Aries fashion, I took the bull by the horns and did what any red blooded American girl would do. First, I hid all the sharp objects in the house and then I ran to Wally World (AKA Wal-Mart). I was on the hunt for a sugar free chocolate alternative.

Enter: Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Cups! OMG… Why haven’t I thought of these sooner?! I’m such a dumb-ass…

Not only do these pudding cups come in chocolate, they also come in double chocolate, chocolate swirl, caramel and shut the front door…. CHOCOLATE BOSTON CREAM! Pinch me I’m in heaven…!  Oh, I forgot to mention they are only 60 calories each!

Haaa…. chocolate…! The world is in balance once more. I licked that little plastic container clean. Not a drop left! Yes, I used my finger.

Okay people, you can once again travel outside of your homes. The coast is clear, the beast has been tamed. She’s in the kitchen with a big fat chocolate smile on her face!

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Let me be the first to tell you I’m no Top Chef. As a matter of fact I’m the furthest thing from it. My cooking stinks! Why does my cooking stinkk? Cause, I detest cooking! There is absolutely NOTHING about it I enjoy. I detest cooking like some people detest working out.

Okay, detest is a harsh word. Let me say, I strongly dislike cooking. There are only three things I dislike more than cooking.

  1. grocery shopping
  2. cleaning up after cooking
  3. an ex-spouse who shall remain nameless 🙂

With that said, you’d be AMAZED at what you’ll do when you are hungry enough. You’ll do things you don’t enjoy. Oh… you’ll cook.

When you can’t dine out, pop a frozen dinner in the microwave or graze on pretty packaged processed foods… You’ll learn to cook or you’ll starve!

I’m hungry! I cracked… I broke down like an old mule. My hunger was stronger than my hatred of cooking. So… I cooked!

Well, surprise surprise not only did I cook tonight but I used my imagination and ingenuity and guess what? My dinner rocked! It was a Grand Slam, Home Run! I was so satisfied after eating that I didn’t even mind cleaning up the mess (knock me over with a feather!).

So, here’s what I did….

I took a recipe from Rachel Ray, added some lean ground beef, changed things around a little and come out with a master piece.

Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Vegetable – Egg Plant, 1 -1/4 Ib 110 26 1 5
Olive Oil – Extra Virgin Olive Oil , 2 tbsp 240 0 28 0
Hunt’s – Crushed Tomatoes With Basil, 2 container (3 1/2 cups ea.) 560 112 0 28
Cheese – Ricotta, part skim milk, 2 cup 679 25 39 56
Plain – Egg White, 1 large egg white 16 0 0 4
Sargento – Shredded Part-Skim Mozzerella Cheese, 1 container (4 cups ea.) 1,280 16 80 112
Ground Beef, All Natural – Extra Lean 96% Lean 4% Fat, 16 oz 560 0 18 96


Total: 3445 179 166 301
Per Serving: 345 18 17 30  
My after dinner desert was blissful… (sighing with a chocolate smile on my face)
Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Jell-O Sugar Free – Double Chocolate Pudding , 1 snack 60 13 2 2
Cheese – Ricotta, part skim milk, 0.25 cup 85 3 5 7

Total: 145 16 7 9
Per Serving: 145 16 7 9  
So there you have it.
If I can cook, anyone can cook! You don’t have to love it, but if you want to get skinny and stay in your skinny jeans you better learn to at least tolerate it.
No noodle lasagna with lean meat sauce

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