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You read it right. I’m not going to sugar coat it.

The scale is like a hormonal &#$% who’s constantly ragging at you. Telling you, “you’ll never be good enough. You’ll never be skinny enough.”

Then there are times when the scale is like a conniving friend. You know the one… she will tell you how great you are and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside by giving you a complement (like a low weight). Then when you least expect it (like the very next day). WHAM!! The B stabs you in the back with a number that shows weight gain.

Look… The scale is a lier and like any lier she’s not your friend. You can’t trust her. She’s not on your side. She wants to mess with your head. She wants you to give up. She wants you to fail. You can’t let her sabotage you! You have to arm yourself against her!

How do you do that you ask?

Don’t give her the power.

How do you do that?

You stay away from her. Simple! She can’t get to you, if you don’t get on her. Period! I could end my post right here. 😉

So why does she mess with your mind?

Because she can!

Your weight will be more in the evening than in the morning because in the morning your tummy is empty of food. As the day goes on you will weigh more depending on how much food and liquids you have in your tummy. You will weigh more or less depending on how much rubbish you have in your intestines. And of course when the curse comes a calling… you’re gonna blow up like the Good Year blimp and.. yep, you guessed it. You’re gonna weigh more. See how she messes with your head?

FYI — the best time of day to weigh (if you must) is first thing in the morning, before eating and after using the rest room.  Don’t weigh more than once per week. Any more than that and she’ll suck your happy dry!

Look we are women our weight is going to fluctuate, it’s just a fact of life. I’ve gone up and down as much as five pounds in a single day. Weight is irrelevant! So don’t slave to the scale. It’s not how much you weigh that matters, it’s how well your clothes fit.

Just the other day I got on the scale 130 pounds. Yeah… Me!!!

The very next day and every day since I have weighed from 131 to 133 depending on when I got on. (I’m weighing myself continuously on purpose… it’s called content).  Here’s the kicker, I’m getting smaller! Yep, smaller!

How can I be getting smaller if my weight isn’t dropping? Glad you asked.

Because my body composition is changing. I’m losing body fat (which is fluffy) and I’m replacing it with muscle (which is dense). Muscle has weight, but it takes up less room, so you can be in a smaller size while weighing the same. I know I over simplified that… but it’s because I’m running out of time here.

Here is a simple example: I’ve weighed 128 pounds and have been in a size 3 and I’ve been 128 pounds and been in a size 5.

Right now as I type this. I’m 130 ish pounds. The scale refuses to show me a 120 something… But I don’t really care. Why? Because I just lost another 1/2 inch off my waist and 1/2 off my back side.. and the scale hasn’t moved.

See? I’m getting thiner which is my goal. I can see my ABs (amen), I don’t care what that scale says about me, cause she’s no friend of mine.

So… treat the scale like a conniving, back stabbing, hormonal *&@#$. Say hi when you have to and then steer clear. Trust me.. you’ll be much happier without her. Let your jeans be your guide.


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